SanDisk 128GB for Nintendo-Switch

SanDisk 128GB for Nintendo-Switch

Jan 4, 2024

SanDisk 128GB for Nintendo-Switch

Overview: Experience seamless gaming with the Nintendo Switch using SanDisk’s 128GB microSD card. Enhance your gaming adventure by expanding storage capacity, ensuring ample space for downloadable content and game updates. The compact design allows effortless installation, granting immediate access to a vast gaming library. With SanDisk’s reliable technology, enjoy uninterrupted gameplay and faster loading times. The 128GB capacity empowers you to store more games, photos, and videos without worrying about limited space. Elevate your Nintendo Switch experience by investing in this high-performance microSD card, optimizing your gaming console for maximum entertainment. Upgrade effortlessly and explore the world of gaming without constraints with SanDisk’s 128GB microSD card, the perfect companion for your Nintendo Switch.

SanDisk 128GB for Nintendo-Switch

Key Specifications:

3.1 Capacity and Form Factor:

  • Capacity: 128 gigabytes
  • Form Factor: SDXC™

3.2 Performance Metrics:

  • Read Performance: Up to 100MB/s
  • Write Performance: Up to 90MB/s

3.3 Durability and Certification:

  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Dimensions: 1.02mm x 14.99mm x 10.92mm
  • Weight: 4.54gms
  • Model Number: SDSQXAO-128G-GN6ZY
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, C-Tick/RCM, UKCA, EAC, ICES

Durability and Certification Highlights:

4.1 Industry-Compliant Certifications: This microSDXC card meets rigorous industry standards with CE, FCC, C-Tick/RCM, UKCA, EAC, and ICES certifications, ensuring reliability and adherence to quality benchmarks.

4.2 Robust Design for Challenging Environments: Benefit from a water-resistant and shock-resistant design, guaranteeing durability even in the most demanding gaming environments. Operating temperatures ranging from -13°F to 185°F further enhance its suitability for various conditions.

Design and Compatibility:

5.1 Sleek and Compact Design: The sleek dimensions of 1.02mm x 14.99mm x 10.92mm and a weight of 4.54gms ensure easy installation and portability, enhancing the overall convenience of using this microSDXC card.

5.2 Authenticity and Quality Assurance: The model number SDSQXAO-128G-GN6ZY serves as a guarantee of authenticity and quality, assuring users of the card’s genuine SanDisk origin.

Nintendo Switch Compatibility:

6.1 Purpose-Built for Nintendo Switch: Tailored for the Nintendo Switch, this microSDXC card guarantees seamless compatibility. Its product name, “128GB microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card for Nintendo Switch,” underscores its optimized performance for this popular gaming system.

Performance Highlights:

7.1 Swift Setup with Rapid Transfer Rates: Accelerate your gaming setup with transfer rates of up to 100MB/s, allowing you to start gaming quickly and efficiently.

7.2 Streamlined Multi-Game Storage: Simplify your gaming setup by storing multiple games on a single card, ensuring you have a diverse selection at your fingertips for a versatile gaming experience.

7.3 High-Speed Performance for Multimedia: With a read speed of up to 100MB/s and a write speed of up to 90MB/s, this card supports 4K UHD and Full HD video playback, meeting Class 10 and UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) standards for an enhanced multimedia experience.

Performance Highlights:

  • Rapid Transfer Rates:
  • Accelerate the setup process with transfer rates of up to 100MB/s, allowing you to start gaming quickly.
  • Multi-Game Storage:
  • Store multiple games on a single card, simplifying your gaming setup and ensuring a diverse selection at your fingertips.
  • High-Speed Performance:
  • With a read speed of up to 100MB/s and a write speed of up to 90MB/s, this card supports 4K UHD and Full HD video playback, meeting Class 10 and UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) standards.

SanDisk 128GB for Nintendo-Switch

Works Great With:

Unlocking Versatility: SanDisk 128GB microSDXC Memory Card Compatibility

The SanDisk 128GB microSDXC Memory Card emerges as a versatile companion, seamlessly compatible with a spectrum of devices. From the ever-popular Nintendo Switch to DSLR and video cameras, this memory card proves its adaptability.

High-Performance Video Capture: UHD 4K and Full HD Recording

Delving into its capabilities, The SanDisk 128GB microSDXC Memory Card stands out for its remarkable video recording prowess. It excels in capturing both UHD 4K and Full HD videos, ensuring a superior recording experience.

TheGamer’s Verdict: SanDisk Ultra 128GB MicroSD – Storage, Speed, and A1 Rated Performance

As attested by TheGamer, the SanDisk Ultra 128 GB MicroSD card earns praise for its trifecta of features – ample storage, impressive speed of up to 100MB, and A1 Rated performance. This endorsement solidifies its position as a top-tier memory card in the market.

GamesRadar’s Pick: 128GB SanDisk Ultra – Ideal Size for Gaming Enthusiasts

According to GamesRadar the sweet spot for most gaming enthusiasts lies in the 128GB SanDisk Ultra. It not only offers substantial storage but also holds an optimal number of approximately 18 first-party titles, catering to the needs of avid gamers.

Nintendo Switch Expansion: Unleashing the Full Potential

Nintendo, the gaming giant, highlights the potential for storage expansion in its flagship console. While the Nintendo Switch boasts 32GB of internal storage, users can tap into the vast world of microSDHC or microSDXC cards, expanding their capacity up to a staggering 2TB. This revelation opens doors for gamers to enhance their console’s storage capabilities, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Practical Benefits of Nintendo Switch Storage Expansion:

  • Seamless Gaming Experience: By expanding storage capacity, users can seamlessly download and store a plethora of games, eliminating the need for consistent data management. The days of agonizing decisions about which games to keep or delete are replaced with a vast library of options at one’s fingertips.
  • Enhanced Performance: Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the utilization of microSDXC cards featuring elevated read and write speeds can be instrumental in enhancing loading times. As a result, it can elevate overall gaming performance significantly. Additionally, it becomes especially critical in situations where rapid data access can be the deciding factor between triumph and failure.
  • Convenient Media Storage: Beyond gaming, the expanded storage facilitates the storage of multimedia content, including photos, videos, and music. The Nintendo Switch transforms into a versatile entertainment hub, catering to diverse digital needs.
  • Future-Proofing Your Console: As game sizes and software demands evolve, a Nintendo Switch equipped with a microSDXC card can up to 2TB future-proof the console. Users can confidently embrace upcoming game releases without concerns about storage limitations.


Experience exceptional gaming with the high-performance SanDisk 128GB microSDXC Memory Card. Tailored for the Nintendo Switch, it delivers swift data transfers, ensuring a seamless gaming adventure. Boasting impressive speed and A1 Rated performance, it effortlessly accommodates UHD 4K and Full HD video recording. GamesRadar endorses its ideal size for gamers, offering ample space for approximately 18 first-party titles. Elevate your gaming experience by tapping into the expansive potential of this versatile memory card. With the Nintendo Switch’s 32GB internal storage, this microSDXC card becomes a game-changer, unlocking the full potential for storage expansion up to 2TB. Upgrade today for uninterrupted gaming bliss.

SanDisk 128GB for Nintendo-Switch


Enhance your Nintendo Switch experience with a thoughtfully designed 128GB microSDXC Memory Card. Crafted with gamers in mind, it seamlessly integrates into your console, offering a sleek and compact design. Its user-friendly interface ensures effortless installation, while the durable build guarantees long-lasting performance. The card’s design not only complements the Nintendo Switch aesthetics but also caters to the practical needs of modern gamers. With a focus on convenience and style, this microSDXC card becomes an indispensable accessory, effortlessly expanding your storage capacity for a vast library of games and multimedia content. Elevate your gaming setup with this intelligently designed storage solution.

SanDisk 128GB for Nintendo-Switch


Experience unparalleled gaming with the SanDisk 128GB microSD card designed specifically for Nintendo Switch. Elevate your gaming adventure by expanding your storage capacity, ensuring seamless transitions between levels and uninterrupted play. Its generous capacity lets you store a myriad of games, providing a personalized gaming experience tailored to your preferences. The SanDisk 128GB microSD card is a versatile solution, allowing you to save and access your favorite titles effortlessly. With this reliable storage companion, you can download, share, and enjoy your gaming content without limitations. Boost your Nintendo Switch’s performance and personalize your gaming setup with the SanDisk 128GB microSD card, an essential accessory for avid gamers.

SanDisk 128GB for Nintendo-Switch


Unlock superior gaming experiences with a high-quality 128GB microSD card tailor-made for Nintendo Switch. Elevate your gameplay by seamlessly expanding your storage, providing ample room for diverse game collections. Its exceptional performance ensures swift loading times and smooth transitions between gaming sessions, enhancing overall satisfaction. The reliable 128GB storage solution enables effortless game downloads and hassle-free access to your favorites. With this premium accessory, you can customize your Nintendo Switch setup without compromise, enjoying the ultimate in gaming convenience. Upgrade your console with a top-tier 128GB microSD card, offering unparalleled quality for an immersive gaming venture.

SanDisk 128GB for Nintendo-Switch

Leakage Protection:

Guard your gaming memories with the advanced leakage protection of a 128GB microSD card designed for Nintendo Switch. With water, shock, and X-ray resistance, coupled with temperature-proof durability, this essential accessory ensures your data remains secure in any environment. Safeguard your gaming collection from unforeseen accidents, ensuring uninterrupted play without the fear of data loss. Whether it’s a sudden spill or unexpected impact, the robust design of this microSD card shields your valuable content. Elevate your gaming experience with confidence, knowing that your Nintendo Switch is fortified with cutting-edge leakage protection, providing peace of mind for every gaming session.

Long-lasting Reliability:

Ensure long-lasting reliability for your Nintendo Switch with a 128GB microSD card that’s waterproof, temperature-proof, magnet-proof, and X-ray-proof. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty, this robust accessory guarantees durability and security for your valuable gaming content. With protection against water damage, extreme temperatures, magnetic interference, and X-ray exposure, your data remains safeguarded in any situation. Invest in this high-quality microSD card to fortify your gaming experience, confident that it will endure the test of time and environmental challenges.

SanDisk 128GB for Nintendo-Switch

Affordable Price:

Explore a budget-friendly gaming solution with the officially licensed 128GB microSDXC card for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems. As recommended by GamesRadar and TheGamer, this SanDisk Ultra card offers a perfect balance of storage, speed, and versatility at an affordable price. Ideal for first-time card buyers, it can accommodate around 18 first-party titles, ensuring ample space for diverse gaming experiences. With read speeds of up to 100MB/s and write speeds of up to 90MB/s, this microSD card provides efficient performance for seamless gameplay. Enjoy the convenience of expanding your storage without breaking the bank, as the SanDisk 128GB microSDXC card delivers is reliable.

Warranty Information:

Discover peace of mind with the 128GB microSD card for Nintendo Switch, backed by a comprehensive warranty. This microSD card, equipped with generous storage, assures users of its reliability and performance through a robust warranty coverage. Recognized by gaming enthusiasts, the microSD card’s warranty guarantees long-term satisfaction, providing protection against potential defects or issues. The warranty information ensures that users can confidently integrate this storage solution into their gaming setup, knowing that any unforeseen problems are covered. With this added layer of security, users can focus on expanding their gaming library without concerns about the durability or lifespan of their storage device. Elevate your gaming experience with the assurance that the 128GB microSD card.

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty Overview: Discover the durability and reliability of the SanDisk microSDXC card designed specifically for Nintendo Switch, accompanied by a lifetime limited warranty. This extensive coverage ensures that you can enjoy your gaming experience without concerns about the lifespan or performance of your storage solution.
  • Regional Variations in Warranty Duration: Be aware of regional differences in warranty duration, especially in countries like Germany and Canada. For products purchased after February 15, 2014, the warranty extends to an impressive 10 years. However, for some purchases made after October 1, 2014, there is a 7-year warranty period. Understanding these variations ensures you are well-informed about the specific warranty duration applicable to your location and purchase date.
  • Initiating a Warranty Claim: In the event that you need to make a warranty claim, SanDisk has streamlined the process for your convenience. Reach out to them through their official website or contact their customer support via phone at the provided number or through email at To expedite the process, be prepared to submit necessary proof of purchase details, including the date, location, and reseller. Additionally, provide information about the product, including its name, type, and serial number. Following these steps ensures a smooth and efficient warranty claim process, allowing you to quickly address any concerns or issues with your SanDisk microSDXC card.
  • Understanding the Lifetime Limited Warranty: The SanDisk microSDXC card’s lifetime limited warranty speaks volumes about the brand’s confidence in its product. This warranty underscores our commitment to providing customers with a reliable and long-lasting storage solution for their Nintendo Switch. Delve into the gaming world with confidence, knowing that your SanDisk microSDXC card is not just a purchase but an investment backed by a warranty that stands the test of time.
  • Benefits of a Lifetime Warranty: A lifetime limited warranty offers unparalleled advantages, assuring users that the SanDisk microSDXC card is built to withstand the rigors of extensive gaming. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated enthusiast, the lifetime warranty provides continuous coverage, allowing you to enjoy the full potential of your Nintendo Switch without worrying about potential defects or issues. This extended warranty period reflects SanDisk’s commitment to delivering quality products that go beyond standard industry offerings.
  • Peace of Mind in Every Gaming Session: Experience peace of mind in every gaming session, knowing that your SanDisk microSDXC card is not only a high-performance storage solution but also protected by a lifetime limited warranty. Eliminate concerns about data loss, performance issues, or unexpected defects, and focus on what matters most – your gaming enjoyment. With SanDisk, your Nintendo Switch gaming experience is enhanced by reliability and backed by a warranty that reinforces the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

SanDisk 128GB for Nintendo-Switch


Elevate your gaming with the 128GB microSD card for Nintendo Switch. Offering expansive storage, it enhances your gaming experience by ensuring seamless transitions and swift loading times. Its compatibility and reliability make it an ideal choice for avid gamers, accommodating a diverse range of titles effortlessly. With impressive read and write speeds, it provides efficient performance, while its compact design guarantees easy integration. Unlock the potential of your console and personalize your gaming setup with this versatile accessory, offering the convenience of ample storage.

Unveil the advantages of choosing the SanDisk 128GB microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card for Nintendo Switch through these notable pros:

High-Performance Storage: Experience the pinnacle of gaming storage with the high-performance capabilities of this microSD card. It caters to the needs of demanding gamers, providing a reliable and swift storage solution for your Nintendo Switch console.

Faster Content Loading: One of the standout features praised in reviews is the ability of the SanDisk 128GB microSDXC card to load content swiftly. Gamers can enjoy reduced wait times, immersing themselves in their favorite games without delay.

Time-Efficient Gaming: With quick read and write speeds of up to 100MB/s and 90MB/s respectively, this microSD card ensures time-efficient gaming. Spend less time waiting for data transfers and more time immersed in the gaming experience.

Official Licensing for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite: Endorsed by official licensing for both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems, this microSDXC card assures compatibility and seamless integration with your gaming consoles. It is tailored to enhance the performance of your Nintendo Switch setup.

Impressive Speed and Capacity: Delve into the notable features that set the SanDisk 128GB microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card apart:

  • Rapid Read and Write Speeds: Boasting incredible speed, this officially licensed microSDXC card adds a substantial 128GB to your Nintendo Switch system. With read speeds of up to 100MB/s and write speeds reaching 90MB/s, it provides a swift and responsive experience for gamers.
  • Ample Storage for Gaming Enthusiasts: The 128GB storage capacity caters to the extensive needs of gaming enthusiasts, allowing for the seamless storage of a diverse range of games. Say goodbye to concerns about running out of space for your favorite titles.
  • Enhance Gaming Experience: By minimizing loading times and optimizing data transfer speeds, the SanDisk 128GB microSDXC card elevates your gaming experience. Enjoy smoother transitions between levels and uninterrupted gameplay, making it an essential addition to your gaming arsenal.

User-Friendly Design: The SanDisk 128GB microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card is not just about performance; it excels in user-friendly design, ensuring a hassle-free experience for gamers:

Easy Integration: Designed for effortless integration, this microSDXC card enhances your gaming setup without any complications. Its user-friendly design makes it accessible to both novice and experienced users.

Durable and Reliable: Built for durability, the SanDisk microSDXC card can withstand the rigors of frequent usage. Its robust design ensures longevity, providing gamers with a reliable storage solution that stands the test of time.

SanDisk 128GB for Nintendo-Switch


However, despite its notable advantages, the 128GB microSDXC for Nintendo Switch does come with a few drawbacks, as highlighted by some users. Feedback indicates that the pricing might be considered relatively higher in comparison to alternative options. Moreover, although its storage capacity is substantial, highly dedicated gamers may find themselves in need of larger capacities. It is crucial to carefully assess these considerations in relation to the card’s benefits when making an informed decision.

Reads as 119GB on Switch OLED: Users have reported an issue with the 128GB microSDXC when plugged into a Switch OLED, where the system reads it as 119GB. This discrepancy in the reported capacity could be a concern for those expecting the full 128GB storage. It’s advisable to verify compatibility and performance specifically with the Switch OLED to ensure accurate storage representation.

Potential Overheating Issues: Additionally, one should take into account the potential risk of the microSDXC card overheating when employed in a Nintendo Switch. Although this apprehension is not widespread, a few users have documented instances of overheating. It is imperative to vigilantly observe the card’s temperature during prolonged use and, if needed, explore alternative cooling solutions.

Addressing Pricing and Capacity Concerns: While the 128GB microSDXC offers substantial storage, some users have expressed concerns about pricing relative to alternative options. Additionally, avid gamers with extensive libraries might find themselves needing larger capacities. Evaluating these factors against the card’s benefits will help users make informed decisions based on their specific needs and preferences.

FAQ: Frequently Ask Questions And answers 

Q: What makes the 128GB microSDXC for Nintendo Switch stand out?

A: This gaming accessory is renowned for its high-performance storage, rapid content loading, and compatibility with both Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

Q: How fast is the SanDisk microSDXC in terms of read and write speeds?

A: With read speeds up to 100MB/s and write speeds up to 90MB/s.

Q: Is the SanDisk microSDXC officially licensed for Nintendo Switch?

A: Yes, it’s officially licensed, assuring seamless integration and optimized performance for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite systems.

Q: What advantages does the microSDXC bring to gaming enthusiasts?

A: Gamers benefit from ample storage capacity, efficient data transfer speeds, and an officially endorsed accessory.

Q: Does the microSDXC support extensive game libraries?

A: Absolutely, the 128GB capacity caters to diverse game collections, addressing the needs of both casual and dedicated gamers.

Q: How user-friendly is the SanDisk microSDXC in terms of integration?

A: Designed for effortless integration, it caters to users of all levels.

Q: What durability features does the microSDXC offer?

A: Built to withstand frequent usage, it provides a durable and reliable storage solution, assuring longevity under rigorous gaming conditions.

Q: Can the microSDXC be used with the Nintendo Switch OLED model?

A: Yes, it is compatible with the Nintendo Switch OLED model.

Q: How does the microSDXC contribute to time-efficient gaming?

A: With its exceptional speed, it minimizes loading times, allowing users to spend more time gaming.

Q: Are there any reported downsides to the SanDisk microSDXC for Nintendo Switch?

A: While generally well-received, some users have reported pricing concerns relative to alternatives.

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